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Web design as cooperation

Our precise targeting of each web design and the functionality in planning of a website are the main factors leading to a successful cooperation between client and website designer. A key factor in our work is our dedication to excellency providing innovative web design solutions. We keep updating our website designs staying in touch with all recent web design developments.

Web design

Illustration of coding for web design

Web design with excellent performance in all browsers

Dynamic websites compatible with the specifics of all known browsers on different operating systems and devices. The website design provides code that complies with the W3C standards and is easily accessible to browsers and search engines. The entire specification can be viewed below.

Web design based on open source platform

Open source platform that allows freedom of programming, upgrade and modification. High security system and upgrade modules, as guaranteed by the permanent commitment of a huge group of developers.

Options in making dynamic websites

Web design creative solution

Original graphic design with different themes according to the aesthetics and the needs of the specific website. Performing of preliminary web design in different configurations and making necessary to achieve completeness and originality of the project. Development of different layouts for interior pages with unlimited possibilities.
  Complex designs with multiple menus, scrolling menus, hidden, animated, falling, folding and submenus are some of the unlimited possibilities of web design. Website structure is developed according to the principles of comfortable and convenient user interface and requirements for optimization of the website.
  After completion of preliminary stage the final project is manufactured upon final approval by the client.

Web design with control panel (CMS - Content Management System)

The control panel allows the user to place and remove, to "run" and stop a publication. The user can make any adjustments. Programming skills are not needed to work with the control panel. It is based on the web address and is accessible with a password and user name.
  The processing is done via a text editor (WYSIWYG), similar to those used in various operating systems. These publications contain SEO Management - the page title, meta tags, keywords, description, pictures.


web design

Illustration of a panel with a dynamic website

Multi-lingual web design

All articles, menus and interactive functions may be designed in multiple language versions with automatic switching from one language to another for different subjects.

Registration of users on the website

Based on administration authorization, partners or selective guests may enter the system. The registered users will be able to see additional information such as wholesale, packaging, product delivery, etc.

Products photographs

We provide professional photographs of the products. These are being shot by professional photographer indoors or outdoors at location picked by the client. We provide human models as well as photo/video shooting capabilities.

Processing of photos

It is common need to cut, edit, delete or clean parts of the pictures, or change colors. Compression and change of picture size are provided before pictures are uploaded.

Animated photo galleries

Animated photo gallery capabilities are provided. The scrollable gallery may looks like a book or a magazine with zoom effect.

Secure contact form

The email contact form provides secure communication capabilities, including hidden email address for visitors and automated malicious actions. CAPTCHA protection is provided.

Website search

Website browser is provided with keyword search using multiple filtering. Also keyword adjustment is provided for contextual search.

Adding news

News and events may be presented in the form of blog, photo, text or video.

Visits counter on the website

Visits analysis with multiple options mainly for marketing analysis and website SEO optimization purposes.

Manageable banners on the website

Banners and ads may be included. Professional, manageable with various options compatible to the standard banners’ dimensions.

Questionnaire for visitors

Feedback from visitors to the website that allows surveys and statistics by results

RSS Feed

Subscribe to visitors for future posts on the website

Geographical maps on website

Geographical map from Google maps include different offices and warehouses of the organization or the company and stylized animated maps with additional information.

Social networks

Facebook connection "like" or a reference on the specific page proposal to Facebook. Friends with their photos from Facebook. Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.

Option to upgrade

When a website is created and completed more than sure is that it will soon be expanded with new features and capabilities. It is essential the privilege to be upgraded. This is very important even more when using an open source platform that allows the site owner the freedom of portability.

Solutions for websites and types of web pages

The most popular choices for websites can be incorporated into a website of two or more of these categories.


   Company website (presentation)
   Institutional or public website
   Online community
   Online business
   Online store with unlimited categories
   Online edition
   Intranet Solutions
   Personal website

Websites classified by subject

   Website for medical center
   Website for health services
   Website for health and beauty
   Website for magazine
   Website for cinema and movies
   Website for sporting goods
    Website for a sports club
   Tourism website
   Website for online store
   Construction and engineering
    Website for industrial works
   Website for culture
    Website for artistic performance
   Website for exhibition
   Website for hotel
   Website for restaurant
   Website for pet animals
   Website for security equipment
   Website for car service
   Website for carpentry work


Web design and usability - User Experience

Usability of the website is a concept related to the ease of orientation guests at the interactive functions. Psychological and marketing rules merged with visual and aesthetic impact solutions. Usability suggest an intuitive control of services by users. Measurable quantities in the work of usability are:


 Opportunities - what tasks it is designed website.

Efficiency. Time to perform an action in the context of clicks. Directions of action steps and stages of completion.

Explore the website, the user's ability to remember the actions to achieve the objectives and apply them again.

User satisfaction - the feeling of user satisfaction after working with the website.

These parameters define debugging and determine the user experience. The result leads us to an effective and suitable for repeated use, designed for specific tasks and appreciated for the visitors website.


Qualitative work performance in all browsers

Websites need to look in the same way and work correctly in all browsers and all operating systems. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera mobile, Safari, MS Explorer 7 +



web design


The website should contain valid HTML XHTML
and valid CSS
The website shall be loaded in the browser for a very short time.


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