TV commercial production

The production of television commercials is realized by senior figures in the field of TV advertising. Provides high quality professional shooting equipment for professional film shooting.

Shooting TV commercials

Detailed work on all the parameters of the production has its weight in the final result. We rely on comprehensive and complete training on all stages of filming in advance. This provides a complete product as close as possible to the scenario without unforeseen situations and compromises during the filming process:

Preparation for shooting

Writing an original screenplay by a specialized team. Comply with the production budget. Copywriting stylized and clean, consistent with the duration of the ad Narration in charge of numerous professional criteria. Making of storyboard, the script story told in a series of sketches.

  Selection of locations for shooting. Securing permits. Making decor in studio. Providing costumes by stylist.
Performed casting actors and models. Choosing a full team. Contracts with artists and authors, settlement of copyrights.

  Engagement of filming equipment camera, tripod, crane, power filters, lighting. Providing transportation for the entire team.

Shooting days

Organization and filming in short terms. Providing shooting equipment, photographic technique, making scenery, providing transportation.

  Shooting natural scenery or in studio. Ensured the material.


Studio for edition, making 3D animation and titles, original music by Bulgarian composers, soundtrack making by sound engineer and famous Bulgarian narrators.

Adaptation of advertisements

Foreign advertisements often become the basis for advertising on the Bulgarian market. New or different products can also be adapted to already filmed scenario. We need sometimes change the labels in the frame. Shall be added 3D animation. Ads receive high-quality sound in the studio with the participation of Bulgarian announcer.


Advertisements filmed by CineCron


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