SEO Optimization

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO optimization of a website SEO optimization for search engine machines (SEO - Search Engime Optimization) is a continuous process of activities related to the striving for better rankings in the organic search engine results. Organic results generated by search engines as an objective and impartial service that aims to prioritize the most accurate way all web pages by importance and relevance, grading all possible outcomes. 

 The SEO optimization itself is continually striving to achieve the top position in the first page in search engines (search engines) as the leading Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and others. It has been shown that the first few results (according to the screen resolution) generated the highest percentage attendance. The results are generated by entering the search keywords and phrases that are essential and have a weight in each optimization.

Results by SEO Optimization

The high results of the website with a presence in the top charts provide much wider audience in the optimized site in the long run. This in turn leads to increased visits, referrals, and the recommendations for the website. The ultimate goal of SEO optimization is to increase conversions (sales, registrations, etc.).

Growing influence with SEO Optimization

Broadening the audience is related to extending its range, that is, increasing the range of the relevant user groups, as opposed to advertising that relates to a specific target group. It is easier to achieve the transmission of advertising messages and ideas. This means lower advertising cost. We have to add this to the positive effect of image-making "assessment" of the search engine.

How to achieve SEO Optimization?

SEO Optimization is determined by the internal factors of websites (On-page SEO), as relevant content, links to other pages keywords for targeted results, clean code, and more. External page factors (Off-page SEO), as reflected the website in forums, portals, search engines, link exchange and more. These activities have to comply with current algorithms of the world's leading search engine to bring positive effects to to the optimized website.

Parameters for SEO optimization

There are several factors that determine the complexity of the work on optimizing websites.

The quality of the keyword or phrase expressed in relevance and appropriateness to the niche market in search results.
Competition in a particular niche or the number of optimized websites and paid links.
The number of keywords for which the SEO optimization is performed.
The number of addresses in the website url that is optimized.


Prices for SEO optimization services

Basic SEO optimization

Objective:Increase overall traffic of the website.

The service includes:

Determination of keywords
Identifying key meta tags
Structuring the website
Registration in all major search engines and portals


Prices differentiated according to the number of internal pages

Up to 20 pages - £380
Up to 50 pages - £640
Up to 100 pages - £1020
Up to 250 pages - £1600

Payment with 50% in advance

SEO Optimization Competitor I

Optimizing by subscription for a particular keyphrase £170 / month
Objective: reach the first page in the organic results of Google (the first 10)
Prepaid shall be the first six months, the balance is payable on a monthly basis.

SEO Optimization Competitor II

Optimization with a subscription to a particular keyword £255 / month
Objective: reach the first page in the organic results of Google (the first 10)

Prepaid shall be the first six months, the balance is payable on a monthly basis.
Note: For this service, CineCron reserves the right to confirm additional values, after specific study of the inquiry.


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