Process in manufacturing TV commercials

Quick to assemble the puzzle

The main stages of production and shooting TV commercials are arranged in time from 15 to 40 days (according to the complexity of production) as follows:

Writing the script

consistent with the production budget

Copywriting work

(advertising narration consistent with the duration of advertising)

Development of the storyboard

(the story in pictures consistent with the duration and rhythm, and sometimes by the music)

Choice of locations and casting

(Places for shooting the scenes and choice of models)

Choice of the crew

(director, cinematographer, art director)

Making scenery and costumes

In studio or outdoor location

Providing motion picture equipment

Camera and accessories, lighting, transportation, power

Organization of shooting days

Recruitment of additional staff (assistants, makeup, stylist, lighting, organizer)


in natural decors or studio

Edition and post production

Edition, animation, special effects, titles, color correction

Sound mixing

Sound processing in the studio. Narrator and composer works.

Replication of copies

For TV stations, professional quality of sound and image.


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