Pay per click advertising

What is advertising per click?

Advertising per click (pay per click-PPC) is one of three models of direct traffic to content of the websites in which advertisers pay a fee when a user clicks on a banner or text ad and visit the advertiser's website. This method is complemented with search engine optimization and referrals from social networks and provides a wide range of attendance and audience. Increases quality traffic with high conversion rate.

The platform of Google ads

The most influential platform to Google and it consists of two options. Text ads (sponsored links) that the user sees the beginning of the results during a search and advertising partnership in the network (the most extensive in the world). It consists of hundreds of thousands of sites located anywhere in the world that give advertising space for a fee. The platform is a complex system for managing ads and allows for geographic, demographic, language, and time targeting. Budget management and keywords with prices based on the quantity bid in a competitive environment. For a most efficient campaign management the seeking of the services of professionals with experience is a good idea.

Partnership with CineCron

CineCron has many years of experience in the advertising network of Google, held numerous campaigns for many clients and countries, some of which constantly maintains campains on the web. Agency makes a preliminary assessment of the potential budget according to the market niche and geographical location.
  Prepares creative ads and set of keywords and phrases, optimizes target under campaign, follows the campaign on its effectiveness. Provides complete report of spent on campaigns, advertisements, by days and keywords. Reports are generated automatically by the system of Google and ensure full transparency of expenditure. The service is applied remotely with payment by bank transfer.


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