Marketing researches with focus groups

Conduction of survey

Marketing researches with focus groups are conducted in cooperation with specialists sociologists to study quality dimensions in the perception of the products and their advertisements. This is done at:
Introducing new products on the market
Analyzes the perception of the brand
Testing the advertising strategy

Preparation of a preliminary scenario for a specific, target audience by selecting a group corresponding to the profile which is a discussion. Testing and analyzing products and advertisements. Discussions are recorded on audio and video media, and subsequently records are analyzed to producing a detailed report.

Report in the marketing research

The report provides information on the perception and psychological attitudes toward a product. The motivation and the needs of the user to the product and market competition. Advantages and disadvantages of the product and its packaging. Segmenting the target audience. Determining the price expectations of the audience. Testing film edition and sound prerelease versions of television advertising. Testing the perception of messages to the audience.


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