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Copywriting is the writing of author texts and headlines for the websites. The copywriting is characterized by the fact that it is a short and concise form of expression similar to that used in advertisements. The originality of the texts is required to attract the attention of visitors also for achieving good search engine rankings.
  A proven practical solution is to develop simultaneously SEO optimization of the website. To select the keywords and phrases with the relevant expressions. The simultaneous involvement of editor is reasonable to merge with the pursuit of optimizing a website for search engines (SEO copywriting). So both services achieve maximum results as to increase visits and the efficiency of the website, expressed as the conversion factor.
  The quality standard requires clear, pronouncing, spelling and stylish texts. The style of expression is discussed with the client in the context of the target audience. When we do both, and optimization of the texts we are seeking solutions to specific words and phrases associated with the topic. Analysis is performed by professional tools.

Copywriting in English for the UK

The correct translation of spelling and pronunciation processed by local professionals can have the weigh of local websites. Consistent with idiomatic expressions, attitude and mentality of the British. Ability for SEO copywriting development.

Copywriting in Greek for Greece and Cyprus

Unlike common translation variants of the text in different languages is essential to meet the consumer psychology in the country and the people to which they are addressed. The text of CineCron comply with the markets and the mentality of the people in Greece and Cyprus. Ability for SEO copywriting development.


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