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Why is it necessary to fill 'Brief questionnaire' ?

You need to correctly formulate and document what you want to achieve and
find the cost of your required solution. We are approached by many potential
clients asking us “How much is a website?”

Without a written 'brief' of the client’s requirements and expectations
it is difficult to provide an appropriate quotation.
A 'brief' is a document that tells us what you are looking for, what you wish to achieve, what market and audience you are targeting and any other related information. The 'brief' can cover 5 page websites or fully integrated systems
with Shopping Carts, Databases and Content Management Systems (CMS).

The response from us will almost certainly reflect the 'brief' that is supplied.
It is therefore vital that you provide as much information as possible.
Do you have a website currently? YES
Statistics of visits so far? YES
Do you have a logo of your brand or brands? YES
Do you have a really good text for your future website? YES
Thanks for your time!

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