Banner creation

Formats for online advertising

The ads production for online campaign can be based of the following formats:


Text ads
Static Jpg and Gif banners
Animated Flash and Gif banners
HTML banners
Rich media formats

Before you choose a format for your campaign should be consulted about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Types of banners

Banners can be ordered in different dimensions according to the site which will be displayed.
The most commonly used standardized dimensions in most professionally designed sites. Such common banner ad sizes (standardized) are:

300×250 пиксела - Medium Rectangle
728×90 пиксела - Leaderboard
160×600 пиксела - Wide Skyscraper
468×60 пиксела - Full Banner
300x600 пиксела - Half Page Ad

Prices for the banner creation

Prices on the static banner depend of graphics and image processing. In animated banners prices vary according to the complexity of the animation and the number of objects.


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